Between Takes

Matthew James Thompson
If you were able to follow Matthew for a few days straight, you may think that there are innate periods of heavy film study, separated by time away from the industry. That is true on the surface, but it is in fact...
Daan Huttinga

Daan Huttinga is a DOP based in The Netherlands

Sage Bennett
Sage Bennett is a director & photographer based in Brooklyn.
Dylan Wineland
A look into Dylan's recent film, ENSŌ.
Kelly Hammond
Kelly Hammond is a cinematographer based in Southern California. 
Justin Derry
Justin Derry is a Cinematographer based in NYC.
John Hook
John Hook is a photographer based in Hawaii
Franz Brun
Franz Brun is a Steadicam operator based out of NYC
Alexandra Bas
Alexandra Bas is a Cinematographer based in Mexico City.
Henry O. Head
Henry O. Head is a Photographer based in Arkansas.
Matt Trainor
Matt Trainor is a Director based out of Los Angeles.