John Hook

John Hook

John Hook is a photographer based in Hawaii

 Born Rival Between Takes with John Hook photographer from Hawaii

What do you enjoy most about your process of making images?

I really do just love photographing stuff, all kinds of people and places, its all unique.. sometimes it’s about a visual idea in my head, and seeing if i can “create” that image with photography. Sometimes it’s just super fun to capture a moment that happens in front of you. Photography is rad, cause you have the option to do either.

How does being a photographer influence how you go about your day to day life?

It’s funny, I used to bring a camera every single place I went: to the grocery store, to the bar, to the beach. It was literally wrapped around my wrist for 10 years, just because I was thinking something might happen and I would like to capture that moment (I wouldn’t wanna miss out on a once in a lifetime photograph).

Crazy stuff never really happened though, but it encouraged me to look at my surroundings all the time, I felt like I was connected to everything a little more.

Born Rival Between Takes with John Hook Double Exposure


Where is one place that your lens has taken you that you otherwise might not have gone without a camera in your hand?

Through photography, I have been asked to photograph really great musicians, the Dalai Lama, the President, but that all seemed like work. I wasn’t really able to enjoy any of those experiences, like I never talk about them.  With my camera though, I’ve been able to witness huge waves and crazy surfing, waves and surf that I would never want to surf (because of fear), but I get myself to swim out to those line-ups because I want to photograph them and see the surf as close as i can get.

Born Rival Between Takes with John Hook Double Exposure Shark Hawaii

What are you trying to say through your imagery? Or what kind of feelings do you hope your work evokes?

Well, if my photography makes anybody feel any type of way, I guess that’s cool, I’m not ever really trying to say anything. It’s just fun.  I don’t wanna influence anyone to get into a certain type of photography.  I think if anything, just get into photography for yourself.  I look through my own photos all the time just for the personal memories.  But photography is a great way to have fun with some friends and create some images, or just capture whatever fun things you do.

Born Rival Between Takes John Hook Double Exposure Surf Hawaii

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Born Rival Between Takes with John Hook Double Exposure Surf Hawaii