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Life Through a Lens

Process Journal

Roaming the Sierras
As a collaborative artist, Mike Pham loves to go on the road with others, searching for that raw moment, the one that results in that shot. Open to exploring new places and trying different techniques, Mike wants to see what’s real in a moment. He looks for pain, just as much as beauty, because it is all part of the human story.
Urban Solitude
Words & Photography by Clayton Barkman

Midnight in Little Tokyo
Words & Photography by Chase Yi

For me, you have to say “Yes” to making plans and exploring new areas of your city. In Los Angeles, there’s a historic set of blocks downtown known as Little Tokyo, and it holds so much beauty at night.
Yielding to the Chaos
A heightened sense of awareness brings to the surface the thoughts, questions, and beliefs that rest inside all of us. Carving out space for the subconscious to speak allows our true voice to be heard in our work. Join us on a discovery of creative possibility.
Deserted Minds
For most of us, the future presents us with the opportunity to plan, escape and thrive in adventure. Yet it’s too often our experiences are rivaled against expectations, and the memories gained compete with the thought of the next plan that has already begun to churn in our minds before we even return home.