Built on Necessity

Faced with dissatisfaction from the film labs they were using, Doug and Ben Krueger began taking matters into their own hands. The father and son duo purchased a few pieces of equipment and started processing and scanning their own film, all from the confinement of their basement.


We wanted to infuse the energy, grit, and spirit that permeates the city streets directly into the very fabric of our product. It’s something you can feel the next time you put on one of our caps. This spring collection is only a small taste of what is to come.

Modern Analog

There aren’t many labs still around today that have seen both the heyday of film as well as its demise, only to be left standing through it all. picturehouse + thesmalldarkroom is one of those places, a staple in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan for over 25 years.

Flow State

I came to learn that photography is only Ivan's hobby, as his main pursuit has been as a highly skilled and sought-after tattoo artist. He was taking residency at Good Life Tattoo in Santa Teresa for the next couple months.

Being Human

Jess Kellner is a multi disciplinary artist who’s work has a strong focus on exploring the human condition. It’s a theme that you see in his artwork as well as his filmmaking.

Matter of Perspective

Johnny Komar is a humble, soft spoken guy with an outlook on life that has been shaped by his formative years. He appreciates well-made items and friendships forged in the trenches. Earning his respect is bound by hard work and loyalty, values he himself embodies daily.

Deserted Minds

A visual exploration through White Sands, NM.

Community Expressions

Anyone who crosses paths with Kalani Mackson is instantly struck by his positive and uplifting vibe. His energy is infectious. Conversations had are deep and soulfully rooted. The guy gets it. This approach to life is an immense asset to his career, attracting likeminded creatives with whom he’s developed countless collaborations.