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Launch Party
A proper evening dedicated to our latest batch of garments.
Broken Femur
with Filmmaker Pep Kim
Life Through a Lens
Celebrating life through a lens. For all those who’ve been with us since the beginning, and to those who’ve joined along the way, thanks for being here.  Here’s to us all creating our best work in 2024.  
Making Weight
with Director James Dayton
As cinematographers, we are always observing the world around us. We notice shifts in daylight, reflections and refractions of sunlight, general moods of interiors. It’s not something we turn off, it’s ever-present. This constant study provides the foundation for our...
Defining Framework
portrait of Joe Perri
Lab Report: Gelatin Labs
Faced with dissatisfaction from the film labs they were using, Doug and Ben Krueger began taking matters into their own hands. The father and son duo purchased a few pieces of equipment and started processing and scanning their own film, all from the confinement of their basement.
Changing Course
with Jon Bregel | Interview by Jason Koontz I first met Jon on a job in Dubai, our email records indicate it was way back in 2010. I was just starting to get my feet wet in the business, while Jon on the...
Into The Mind
with Director Jackson Tisi
Matthew James Thompson
If you were able to follow Matthew for a few days straight, you may think that there are innate periods of heavy film study, separated by time away from the industry. That is true on the surface, but it is in fact...
For our campaign shoot, we traversed several different neighborhoods across NYC, immersing our cameras into the very essence of what makes this city special.
Daan Huttinga

Daan Huttinga is a DOP based in The Netherlands

Sage Bennett
Sage Bennett is a director & photographer based in Brooklyn.
with Director + DP Dylan Wineland
Kelly Hammond
Kelly Hammond is a cinematographer based in Southern California. 
with Cinematographer Justin Derry
John Hook
John Hook is a photographer based in Hawaii
Brie Lakin
Brie Lakin is a photographer based in Los Angeles.
Franz Brun
Franz Brun is a Steadicam operator based out of NYC
Alexandra Bas
Alexandra Bas is a Cinematographer based in Mexico City.
Modern Analog
There aren’t many labs still around today that have seen both the heyday of film as well as its demise, only to be left standing through it all. picturehouse + thesmalldarkroom is one of those places, a staple in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan for over 25 years. They are now ushering in a new era of interest in the analog medium, positioning itself to cater to both the working professional as well as the avid enthusiast. They are a hybrid of sorts, blending traditional darkroom techniques with modern workflows and service.