Flow State
Ivan Antonyshev is a talented and highly sought-after tattoo artist. Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, he now travels using his tattooing as a vehicle to see the world. He's found a new love for photography, a passion that has provided an alternative creative outlet for him.
Midnight in Little Tokyo
For me, you have to say “Yes” to making plans and exploring new areas of your city. In Los Angeles, there’s a historic set of blocks downtown known as Little Tokyo, and it holds so much beauty at night. Among the old buildings–restaurants and businesses that have been around for nearly 100 years–there’s a bustling community of people.
Being Human
Jess Kellner is a multi disciplinary artist who’s work has a strong focus on exploring the human condition. It’s a theme that you see in his artwork as well as his filmmaking. While his main forte on most days is acting, he’s also turned his attention behind the lens having recently written & directed his first short film, entitled “Enough is Enough”.
Matter of Perspective
Johnny Komar is a humble, soft spoken guy with an outlook on life that has been shaped by his formative years. He appreciates well-made items and friendships forged in the trenches. Earning his respect is bound by hard work and loyalty, values he himself embodies daily.
Yielding to the Chaos
A heightened sense of awareness brings to the surface the thoughts, questions, and beliefs that rest inside all of us. Carving out space for the subconscious to speak allows our true voice to be heard in our work. Join us on a discovery of creative possibility.
Community Expressions
Anyone who crosses paths with Kalani Mackson is instantly struck by his positive and uplifting vibe. His energy is infectious. Conversations had are deep and soulfully rooted. The guy gets it.
Shedding Light
There was a shed that was built on our property by the original owner in the 1970s. It had a lot of character so it got me thinking what it could be used for. Once I realized it was fully insulated, the idea of an office/workspace came about.
Deserted Minds
For most of us, the future presents us with the opportunity to plan, escape and thrive in adventure. Yet it’s too often our experiences are rivaled against expectations, and the memories gained compete with the thought of the next plan that has already begun to churn in our minds before we even return home.
Capturing on the Road
During a time where covid posed a lot of downfalls and closed doors, I used it as a jumping board to hit the road. It was Autumn 2020 during the point where the film industry still wasn’t completely back to normal, so I looked at it as an opportunity to make the most of the down time.