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Process Journal

Henry O. Head
Henry O. Head is a Photographer based in Arkansas.
Matt Trainor
Matt Trainor is a Director based out of Los Angeles.
Uncharted Waters
Ben Weiland is a filmmaker who's name has become synonymous with films that touch the far corners of this Earth. Stories of the human experience, through struggle and triumph, told through a cinematic lens. He recently joined his close collaborator, Brian Davis, to launch Fielder Films -- a studio dedicated to telling the types of stories that have become the bedrock of their prior collaborations.
Light & Motion
Micka Woodless is a photographer based out of Capbreton, France. His work has a consistent through line of light and motion, as he uses different expired film stocks while chasing the thrill of his subjects. He has an infinity for things that have lived a previous life and are rich with character, be it a vintage car or bike, an artfully crafted surfboard or a well ridden skateboard.
Staying Uncomfortable
Along the shores of St. Augustine, Florida you will find cinematographer Dustin Miller. His journey into filmmaking has been anything but traditional, which makes his current body of work all the more commendable. Having never lived near a major production hub, he's had to work that much harder to connect with the directors and production companies he’s been keen to work with.
Roaming the Sierras
As a collaborative artist, Mike Pham loves to go on the road with others, searching for that raw moment, the one that results in that shot. Open to exploring new places and trying different techniques, Mike wants to see what’s real in a moment. He looks for pain, just as much as beauty, because it is all part of the human story.
Humble Beginnings
Last Good Film Lab is a fresh take on a timeless service. It started in founding partner Vixxion’s kitchen, where he tested and refined his home developing technique for several years before connecting with fellow creators JMP and Mike Koziel to open a proper lab in the heart of Hollywood in the fall of 2020.
Always King
portrait of The Kings Lens and Friends
Hometown Journal
We’ve been curious about the folks behind the pages of this magazine, so we reached out to founders Jan Eric Hühn and Alex Schuchmann to dig into why they started Hometown, what it means to them, and how they’ve gone about producing the tangible product they have.
Urban Solitude
Words & Photography by Clayton Barkman

Flow State
portrait of Ivan Antonyshev
Midnight in Little Tokyo
Words & Photography by Chase Yi

For me, you have to say “Yes” to making plans and exploring new areas of your city. In Los Angeles, there’s a historic set of blocks downtown known as Little Tokyo, and it holds so much beauty at night.
Being Human
portrait of Jess Kellner
Matter of Perspective
portrait of Johnny Komar
Yielding to the Chaos
A heightened sense of awareness brings to the surface the thoughts, questions, and beliefs that rest inside all of us. Carving out space for the subconscious to speak allows our true voice to be heard in our work. Join us on a discovery of creative possibility.
Community Expressions
A portrait of Kalani Mackson
Shedding Light
There was a shed that was built on our property by the original owner in the 1970s. It had a lot of character so it got me thinking what it could be used for. Once I realized it was fully insulated, the idea of an office/workspace came about.
Deserted Minds
For most of us, the future presents us with the opportunity to plan, escape and thrive in adventure. Yet it’s too often our experiences are rivaled against expectations, and the memories gained compete with the thought of the next plan that has already begun to churn in our minds before we even return home.
Capturing on the Road
During a time where covid posed a lot of downfalls and closed doors, I used it as a jumping board to hit the road. It was Autumn 2020 during the point where the film industry still wasn’t completely back to normal, so I looked at it as an opportunity to make the most of the down time.