Yielding to the Chaos

Yielding to the Chaos

Words by Jason Koontz

Photography by Adam Koontz & Jason Koontz

The shutter clicks, your focus narrows.

Sights unseen, discovered now through this lens.

Rising to the surface is your subconscious.

The signal now much stronger than the noise.

Vision is a gift, yet taken for granted.

We see without understanding.

A subjective lens offers some perspective, though intent must be grounded.

Refuel, reset, re-envision.

It’s within these spaces & places that our mind yields to the chaos.


Self discovery and an open mind, a formula for authentic creation.

But a prescription it is not.

As your camera lowers, the frame is now apart of you.

Tangible proof will one day exist, but for now, it lives within.

Provoking a voice that once laid buried.

Uniquely yours, this is the channel for your bona fide expression.